When you purchase any designs in our shop, you accept to adhere to the following terms. 

    Resell or Redistribution

    • You are not allowed to share, copy, gift, resell or redistribute our designs as is.
    • You are not allowed to use any of our designs in part or in whole to create any new digital design to sell.


    • No Returns are accepted. But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

    Personal or Non-profit Use

    • You can use our artworks on personal or non-profit projects without our commercial license and credit as long as NO MONEY is made.

    Small or home-based business Use

    • If you have a small or home-based business, you can use any of the images you purchase in our shop in your products to sell up to 100 copies by giving credit with link to our shop with the words: "Artworks by MimiArtSmile". The credit needs to be placed in your product description, on the same page as the product in an easily readable fashion.
    • If you wish to sell your product without giving the credit or sell more than 100 copies, you must purchase the commercial licenses. 

    Commercial Licenses

    • Basic Commercial License: You are allowed to sell up to 500 copies without giving credit with the Basic Commercial License.
    • Unlimited Commercial License: You are allowed to sell for unlimited use with the Unlimited Commercial License for unlimited use. 


    • Copyright does not transfer with sale. All copyrights and ownership of images and designs remains with MimiArtSmile at all times.

    All rights reserved © 2020 MimiArtSmile